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Live Sound

This module is a Live Sound 101 class. Students will learn about how microphones capture sound, processing signals, and how to set up a sound system. Students can then make their own mix on a professional sound console.  

Program Goals

  • Physical setup of a basic
  • PA system and stage
  • Fundamental understanding of how electricity work
  • Sound gear and placement (stage plots/input lists/technical riders)
  • How to run a show
  • Run a frequency sweep (frequency numbers and what frequencies to remove in a show)
  • Microphones, Mixers, & More


This module will give students a basic understanding of how to connect microphones to a PA system for optimal live sound and performance purposes.

Topics & Talking Points

  • Microphone choice: technical and creative decisions
  • Understanding differences and similarities of studio recording and live sound 
  • How sound travels through a mixing console 
  • Volume measurement & metering and terminology
  • Safe electrical power-on and power-down procedures


  • Setting up a single microphone from stage to speakers
  • Plugging cables into and out of industry standard audio equipment
  • Monitoring safe audio levels for the audience
  • Following correct electrical on/off procedures for safety