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Event Tech Jobs


Making the Show Happen & Finding a Job


In this module students explore the big-picture overview of a music or theatrical event, review how the entire production (audio, lighting, technical and creative jobs) come together.  We’ll go backstage and view the events business and discuss where each student feels they would fit in best.

Topics & Talking Points

  • Understand all of the jobs that are involved in making a show happen 
  • Examples of the artists’ side, the venue side and the technical side
  • Roles/responsibilities of each position in a venue & on tour
  • The steps of booking & promoting a show
  • What happens on the day of the show
  • The importance of networking and communication skills


  • Introducing yourself to strangers to feel confident
  • Create an essential toolkit of supplies you need on the job
  • Create event documents such as travel itinerary, tech rider, and performance contract
  • Define and list the specific roles & responsibilites for an event
  • Create document to summarize the details of each role
  • Choose where you fit in to the events business