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Our Success Story


"If you want to learn about live sound but don't know where to start, start here." - student testimonial


The Event and Entertainment industry is estimated to grow by 30% in the Pittsburgh region over the next five years and there is a current shortage of workers who understand stagecraft and a growing number of high pay jobs that are non-traditional blue collar work requiring A/V technical skills. This work has historically excluded women and people of color and our mission is to help create a more diverse workforce through providing technical training, access to equipment and an entry point into this industry. 

Informed by an advisory board of experienced professionals who work in broadcast television, high end livestream productions, large scale concerts, and radio, our curriculum was designed to prepare students to have a strong understanding of the work, the workplace practices, and emphasize the skills and equipment proficiencies needed to work in high pressure, high end production environments. Based on this we have developed a series of masterclasses, ongoing training (led by many of the board members), and a list of equipment needed to best prepare apprentices for entering the workforce.



In August 2019 we launched our first 2 - week intensive summer camp for 12 youth. Hearcorp employed 4 of those youth, hosting over 10 community events and live performances.

25 Carrick Ave Project developed a multi-tiered youth workforce program for the Carrick/ Hilltop neighborhoods with an emphasis on training and employing youth ages 15-21 in the Event/Entertainment Technology trade. These programs not only provide technical skills but also culminate in a final project demonstrating skills leading to employment in the Event/Technology Industry.

25 Carrick Ave Project with funding from The Forbes Fund and in conjunction with City of Pittsburgh Parks Department, and Carrick Community Council has developed a plan to deliver the 16 -session afterschool program to youth in the Carrick area during the 2020/2021 school year. 

Deeply grateful for an alternative, and what feels to me to be a wholesome space, that is not a university, where one can learn, practice, craft, and be amongst others (intergenerationally) who are passionate about their interests and to which equipment is provided, shared, and pored over.


Here our Live Sound 1 Apprentices are learning from Hearcorp staff how to safely use a liftgate to unload professional sound equipment. 



Our 2021 Live Sound 1 Apprentice Program provided students with 40 hours of classroom training and 20 hours of training in the field presenting live events at Pittsburgh's SouthSide Works.

Here Calvin Rogers (an apprentice) is setting the stage for a soundcheck.

Start On Success student Wendell works on his beat using Native Instruments Machine. 

Start On Success is a Partner4Work High School program that provides work experiences to High School sophmores, juniors, and seniors. We host 3 SOS students at our facility. 

Tech 25 has also hosted summer Apprenticeships for youth and adults that created an entry point in a highly competitive and highly technical industry. This summer we employed 15 trainees for our Live Sound 1 Apprentice Program. These students got hands on experience helping to produce a live concert series. 



Since then, Tech25 has been working alongside seasoned professionals, students of this program will be learning industry skills to assist with such events as:

  • Music On The Mon at Southside Works
  • The Deutschtown Music Festival
  • Millvale Music Festival
  • Pittonkatonk
  • Weather Permitting Concert Series
  • Baldwin Community Days
  • Light Up Carrick
  • YMCA Lighthouse Showcase
  • and more