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The Event Technology industry is full of high-paying job opportunities in the region including installation professional, live sound audio engineer, lighting designer, projectionist, digital content creator, and project manager. Salaries range between $35,000- $70,000. 

The catch is that, outside of 4-year degree college programs at CMU and Point Park, Pittsburgh lacks a facility that can train new technicians in this field at a vocational level and provide paid apprenticeships and job placement.

That's where Tech25 comes in, as we provide entry level access into positions that pay living wages for both youth and adults looking for careers in this field.

We provide the following services and programs

Interested students will learn fundamental vocational skills from industry professionals at 25 Carrick Ave. Tech25 will provides technical and creative skills that benefit the learners through STEAM activities, improving students’ Math, Science, and Art skills. All of these skills are applicable to the event production and broadcast industry.

Where do you get started?

  • Audio Basics is the entry level foundation class of Audio, Recording, Live Sound and Broadcast 
  • Live Sound 1 training program for those who want to learn about building sound systems, mixing live events, working with bands/performers focusing on the skills directly related to live events
  • Live Sound 2 furthers this training and dives deeper into the science of sound including digital mixers and larger consoles 
  • Video Basics learn the fundamentals of AVID Newcutter XP and timecode editing

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Audio Basics

Audio Basics begins first week of the month. Mondays and Wednesdays from 4pm - 6pm. 

  • 4 weeks or 16 hours of total training
  • start with zero knowledge and leave feeling comfortable running a sound sytem for a live performance
  • be eligible for Live Sound 1 Programs
  • Take the quiz (here) and see what you already know. Upon completion you will be able to ace this quiz

Apply here

Jobs in the Industry

Recording Engineer

Live Sound Engineer

Corporate Media Tech

Master Control Manager

Associate Certification

Start at the entry level and work your way to a rewarding career in the industry. Our Associate Certification requires students to complete Audio Basics, Live Sound 1&2

Get Started

Professional Certification

Become the right person for any job through our professional audio and video training program that lead to careers in the Entertainment industries.

Coming Soon

Advanced Certification

Our Industry and CTS Certification will help you land a career as a top Live Sound Engineer, Studio Engineer or Broadcast Specialist.

Coming Soon